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HiiTBoX Circuit kickboxing serving Newmarket, Aurora ON, and surrounding.
Get insanely fit insanely fast with our
​amazing HiiTBoX circuits

Strap on real gloves and have the time of your life punching
and kicking your way to a fitter, slimmer, happier you.
Take advantage of our exclusive web-offer​​
The funnest, most action-packed workout of your life. Guaranteed.​
​​Circuit Kickboxing FLIES by!  A high intensity interval training based circuit, using a combination of functional movements, cardio exercise  as well as all the principles of kickboxing training. ​

That's because almost nothing on this planet is as fun as punching and kicking the heck out of a heavy bag. You'll feel like a total pro - and your body will transform.
Melt calories, burn fat, and tone muscle-from head to toe.
EVERY part of your body gets a workout in kickboxing! That includes your arms, chest, stomach, hips, butt, thighs, and calves. That means ALL your trouble spots won't trouble you for much longer!

And every part of you will get stronger, leaner, and fitter. ​ In fact, you can burn up to 500 calories (or more) EVERY time you come! How awesome is that?
Beginners are more than welcome!
99% of our members have never thrown a kick or a punch in their life! So if you're a total beginner - you're in good company! There's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about!

Everyone here was once a beginner - so we just want to support you and help you learn, get fit, and grow. ​ Fair enough?
You're joining more than a calorie-blasting workout... you're joining an amazing, supportive family.
People come here for the fat-melting workouts... but they stay for the people. Our community here is really something - and I can't wait for you to join it too. Friendships are born all the time.

People give each other support and accountability to stay on track. ​ It really feels like a family, and I know from day 1 you'll feel it.
Out of shape? No problem! In shape? Get ready to take it to the next level.
The great thing about kickboxing circuit  is everyone's doing their own individual exercises. That means you go at a pace that's right for YOU. Out of shape? Take it slow and build up your endurance over time. Already an athlete? Step it up and crush your limits. Our amazing instructors will motivate the heck out of you to grow and reach new heights, too. So don't worry about ​motivation. We've got you covered.
Take advantage of our exclusive web-offer​​
  • " What's the difference between these circuits and doing cardio on my own? "
    Our kickboxing circuit combine cardio with resistance & interval training to give you an ever-changing, always-new workout. Cardio by itself is actually pretty ineffective for weight loss. Your body eventually adapts to it, and results plateau. That's why we involve a variety of exercises and conditioning - so your body continues to see results every time you come.
  • " Will you help me with my nutritional ​habits? "
    Absolutely. Nutrition is KEY to weight loss, and we'll pass along the powerful knowledge we've put together over the years.
  • " Are there other beginners in the Kickboxing circuit? "
    Yes, classes are full of people of all experience levels - including total beginners.
  • " How many kickboxing circuits per week should I come to? "
    ​We advise 2-3 times for maximum results. However, some members come fewer times a week and see great results, and others come even more. It's all up to you.
  • " How many other people will there be in ​my circuit? "
    You can most likely expect 5-15, give or take a few depending on the day/time. We always make sure there are enough instructors no matter the circuit size though.
  • "Are both group & private classes available? "
    Most of our members enjoy the kickboxing circuit setting, but private sessions are available too depending on instructor ​availability.
  • " What kind of shape should I be in before getting started? "
    Whatever shape you're in right now is just fine. If you're not in shape, we'll help you get there. And if you're already in shape, we'll help you get in even better shape, fast.
  • ​" Is this similar to "cardio kickboxing"? "
    No, our Kickboxing circuits are extremely interactive, and involve real-life boxing equipment like punching bags & gloves. This is nothing like cardio kickboxing!
  • " Will your kickboxing circuit help me tone up? "
    Definitely. Our entire program was handcrafted to help you get lean & toned. Literally everything you do here helps you achieve this goal. ​
Ready To Try Us Out? We'd Love You to Join Us!
GETTING STARTED IS EASY! Click the link below for access to our amazing online-only special and class schedule. What do you say? Are you ready to try our kickboxing circuit? Click the link below and get started now!
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